Our Values

‘Knowing, showing and growing God’s good news in Malden Manor’

God over all
The God of the Bible is the head of this church.
We will love, worship and serve Him above anything and everything else.
We will seek Him, and seek to hear from Him, through the Bible and in prayer.

People over programs
People matter to us.
Loving and serving one another is more important than any church program,
and praying for one another will be a priority whenever we meet together.

Faith over fear
We will not insult God with small thinking and safe living.
God is for us, so who can stand against us,
and the power of God’s Spirit is given to equip us.

Giving over taking
We are called to live, serve and give with generosity that goes beyond logic.
We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Together over alone
We know that we can face things and accomplish things together
that we cannot do alone.
As church, we are the hope for this community,
with each of us playing our part in making the church beautiful and effective.

Joy over despair
In Jesus we find joy that transcends happiness.
We will laugh hard, loud & often,
we will pursue the new life Jesus offers us, in all its fullness,
even as we yearn for the unseen things of life for evermore.

Going over staying
The church does not exist only for us –
we are the church, and we are here for the world.
We will go into Malden Manor (and beyond) to bring and to be the good news.

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